VIVA A VIDA vans. Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal
Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal



Bertha made our trip really special. She was not just a van, she brings the magic with her and so does Simon. From the beginning to end the communication with Simon was great. He tried with lots of effort to clarify all my questions. And there was lots of them. Bertha comes with plenty of little assessors which make you feel comfy right away.

I could go on and on with my recommendation, but long story short: Rent Bertha, go on a trip with her and experience the magic by yourself. Highly recommend in all aspects. Luvluvluv
— Sabine & Sean, Germany/Canada

BERTHA is the ultimate way to see the breathtaking nature of Portugal. It gives you all off the comforts of home, while being free to drive wherever you want, whenever you want. We had the time of our live in this van. From driving the coastline, making dinner in the sunset, falling asleep underneath the stars, to getting woken by the sunrise!

Simon, the owner, was extremely helpful, pointing out places to go and giving us tips on where to eat etc. We couldn’t have asked for a better host, or a better way to spend our vacation!
So if you’re thinking about renting Berta, DO IT!!! You won’t regret it, I swear. BERTHA LOVE
— Kathrine & Peter, Denmark

Bertha was rock solid. A humble van with a mighty heart. Don’t expect to go the highway speed limits in her though. She will get you there, just not quickly. The amenities were very thoughtful. Simon has renovated Bertha with utility in mind and it showed. The lights were perfect at night and the drawers were very handy to neatly stay a few days in Bertha. All in all a great experience.
— Meredith & Paul, USA

Simon and his van Bertha are a perfect combination for a successful trip in Portugal! Simon did a really good work to make Bertha very comfortable and free to go everywhere!

We were two, during 5 days we drove and visited Lisboa and its region: no problem, Bertha is an old lady but she brings you wherever you want, whenever you want. Thanks to her we could have enjoyed the tourist cities, and slept just in front of the ocean and others peaceful spots.
— Rémi & Emeline, France

Just returning from our perfect trip with Bertha, she was our home for one week and showed us the beautiful south of Portugal. She is really uncomplicated, easy to handle, equipped with everything you need and really cozy (even during colder nights)!!

Simon was more than helpful, had many good recommendations for the trip and the communication was really relaxed. All in all, a perfect trip.
— Juliane & Antonia, Germany

I would highly recommend Bertha to others especially due to the fact that it allows the opportunity to get away from the usual tourist experience you may have if you visit Lisbon. Simon has taken great care & love in fitting out the van so that it is convenient, user friendly and as comfortable as it can be - It is a mobile home.

As a point of difference from the usual camper-van experience the van has no branding or signs from the outside that it is a camper-van allowing you to remain inconspicuous and not draw a target on yourself as a tourist. Something I greatly appreciated.
— Andy, Australia

As mentioned in the description, Bertha suits perfectly people wanting to spend good times in various cool spots in Portugal.
What a pleasure to say “Hey, where do I wanna sleep tonight...” !

Simon is very trustworthy and has been very kind with us. Bertha is fully equipped with all campers need, plus you have the mobility of a car. Even if Bertha seems a bit old, it is quite easy to drive after you get used to, and gets the job done bringing you at the sweetest places of the Country.

Merci Viva a Vida !
— Benjamin & Amandine, France

She has facilitated a journey of absolute freedom, beauty and magic for me and two dear friends. Driving the incredible coastline of Portugal, knowing that you have everything you need and that you are exactly where you want to be. Hereby my warmest of recommendations if you are feeling like a safe adventure into the unknown.
— Clara, Denmark

Simon was super communicative, and as I had no idea where to go, helped me plan a route from all of his favourite spots (all great).

Bertha was exactly as described; not some soulless rental, but clearly a labour of love, with everything you could possibly need stowed out of sight in a series of sliding drawers. A comfy mattress and thick duvet meant we slept soundly and warmly, even in the cold November nights. We cooked pancakes for breakfast almost directly on the beach with the pull-out stove.

Forget the other vans, this is the one!
— Sam & Fifi, UK


I can wholeheartedly recommend taking one of Simons’ cars on the road for a while. Especially Bertha, who I know. Superb service and the car is so well equipped and reliable, you don’t need to worry about anything than driving and experiencing the beautiful Portuguese landscapes.
— Thomas, Denmark

Rita was amazing! Very cozy and you could sleep pretty much everywhere since she doesn’t look like a camper van from the outside. Also very nice host and lots of local tips!
— Klara, Sweden

We had a really great time with the Van and due to many helpful advices from Simon on where to go we got an idea where to head right from busy Lisbon to the beautiful atlantic coast down south. Check-In and Check-Out was very easy due to Simon and his friend Connor being highly responsive at all time. The van has just everything you need, from cooking gear to camping shower, towels, lights and table with chairs. We can always recommend booking Rita. A big thanks for this great adventure
— Maximilian, Germany