VIVA A VIDA vans. Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal
Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal

Terms of rental


Terms of rental


Lease agreement

We have a lease agreement that we will need you to sign before you can embark on your adventure. The main points of the agreement is mentioned below, but should you be interested in reading it before hand - click here to download a copy.

A part of the agreement is that I get a copy of your drivers license, which will all be handled with the strictest of confidentiality.



All VIVA A VIDA vans come with a 3rd party insurance policy, including roadside assistance. This means that if you should cause any damage to a 3rd party, the insurance will cover that.

You will however be liable for any tolls, traffic or parking tickets you may incur during your trip, as well as any damages you may inflict on our baby-girls.

Since our vans are not exactly young ladies any more, we have not been able to find an insurance company that was interested in signing an all-risk insurance policy for them (An all-risk insurance would also be covering any damages you might cause to them during your rental period).

Because of this we have a mandatory security deposit of €1.000 for all bookings. 


To conclude
All VIVA A VIDA vans are very reliable and easy-to-drive cars. They are checked regularly by our trusted mechanic to prevent any bad surprises on the road.

Hopefully you will never need any of the above-mentioned things.