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We have decided to put our lovely Lola up for sale to make space for another smaller van for our guests.
Personally we have very loving memories of our time in this beauty, so it is with a tear running down our cheeks that we have come to this conclusion.

Lola is looking for a new best friend that will appreciate her for the marvelous retro camper that she is. There are still so many trips left in this lady and we wish that she’ll find a new home with a kind and loving owner that will give her all the love and care that she deserves.

Lola is a 1977 VW LT 35, originally converted by Karmann.
She’s the simplistic deluxe version of the old school vanlife!  

We've put our utmost love (and a looot of hours) into refurbishing her into this perfect adventure space.
Last spring we took her (almost) completely apart and rebuilt her with the utmost respect for her retro feel and soul. 
We made some upgrades and made sure that everything is functional and up-to-date.

We can honestly say this is the perfect recipe for falling in love - with life, with each other, whatever calls you. 




  • Capacity 
    5 adults - THE WHOLE BAND/FAMILY

    3 seat belts in the back

  • Bed 
    Memory foam mattresses for 5 people - length 200cm

  • Kitchen
    Double gas stove
    Electric cool-box

    Running water + 50L clean-water tank
    Foldable dining table + seating for 5 people

  • Bathroom
    Cold shower and sink
    Portable Fiamma camping toilet + biodegradable toilet fluid

  • Electricity
    HUGE 250ah leisure battery powered by a solar panel on the roof AND a split-charge relay (charges when the engine is running) = You’ll never run out of juice!!

  • Also fitted with a 1500W inverter (Lets you run all your normal 230V devices)

  • Storage space
    Plenty of space inside and from the outside as well

  • Complete insulation
    Keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer.


    Spare parts from an identical VW LT van (Engine, gear box etc.)