VIVA A VIDA vans. Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal
Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal

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When is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is after 3pm

Check-out is before 11am

Where do I get my van when I arrive in Lisbon?

We have a garage for our vans in Parque das Nações, that we use as our base for the check-in and check-out.
This place is great for getting to know your van before you go on adventure. It is a calm and quite neighborhood with easy access out of the city.

Where can I park the van?

The short answer is: Almost anywhere!

It is perfectly allowed to park most places for free - go with your common sense and respect for people's private property - then you should be good.

We will send you lots of pinned suggestions for epic spots in a map we've made. 

Also, our vans look like any other van from the outside - no one would guess that it is a camper unless they look inside. The stealthy outside appearance is a feature we have been very conscious about keeping as unspoiled as possible throughout the design and building process. 

May I take the vans out of Portugal?

Nope - unless we've made a special arrangement in advance.

Is there a limit for the milage?

We're not big fans of strict rules, however - our vans are all old ladies and we therefore ask you to take good care of them by following these guideslines:

Cruising speed 100km/h and max 100/150km pr day

What are your prices?

Our rates change during the different seasons. 

Please go to our booking site where you can see the updated prices for the three different vans in the exact dates you're interested in.

All prices shown are the cost of renting a van for a night and include everything except a cleaning fee of €30 (kitchen, towels, sheets etc. and insurance). You will NOT be surprised with a bunch of extra costs for needing a child seat or something else we can borrow you - we like to keep things simple.

We will request a €1.000 deposit on your credit card before you get the keys to your van. The deposit will not be withdrawn, but simply blocked until you return.

Note that the minimum rental period is 3 nights

Do I need insurance?

No - we have insurance on the vans - your 1000€ deposit will be all the insurance you need.

This is how it works:
Both our vans come with a 3rd party insurance. This insurance contract will cover any damages accidentally caused by you to other people or property during your booking. No insurance company have been interested in signing an "all-risk" contract, thus the policy does not cover if you should cause damage to the van you are renting.

To resolve this situation we request a €1.000 deposit, when you rent one of our vans.
This will in turn be your maximum liability, should you accidentally cause any harm to one of our dear vans. 

Can you recommend anything to explore when in Portugal?

Oh yes. We have explored a lot and have awesome spots that we would love to share with you. 
We send you a Google map with a bunch of pins on it when you book.

It includes sweet beaches, awesome restaurants, beautiful lakes and mountains for you to check out. 

Can I go on adventure with my children?


Please let us know in advance and we will have you equipped with child-seats in the right size and a child bed if needed for the two smaller vans (Bertha and Rita). 

We'll make sure to give you our best tips for child-friendly beaches.

Is there space for my surfboard?

Yes indeed!
AND, we've partnered up with Portugal Surf Rentals to give you a deal.
Every VIVA A VIDA booking gives you a 15% discount on beginner boards, intermediary boards and wetsuits
and a 10% discount on pro-level gear.

Check out the website:
Let us know what boards + gear you'll need - we'll make the arrangements for you, send you a discounted invoice
and have it all ready for you in the van when you arrive. 

Where can I charge my phone and other electrical devices?

In the vans of course. We have fitted all vans with an additional 'leisure' battery, that charges when you drive around in the van. This means that when you are parked for the night, you will have all the power you need for lights and charging of all your devices.

For the technically interested; the system runs on 12 volts. It has two USB outlets and a cigarette lighter outlet. We also have a 200W inverter that hooks up to the cigarrete lighter in each van. This power inverter lets you charge things that require a "normal" 220V wall outlet, like your camera batteries or your lap top.  

And what about a toilet?

it takes a bit of finesse, that's all. We'll send you a Google map with lots of pinned public toilets, the big supermarkets usually have toilets and there are the restaurants and café's you use.

If you're far away from civilization; go connect with nature respectfully :-). We are very passionate about honoring the beautiful nature here, and ask that you too are conscious about taking all of your trash and toilet paper with you.

How is the weather and climate in Portugal?

It's fucking awesome!!

- Okay, okay - we both grew up in Denmark and have that as our standard weather reference. But still;

Winters (December/January) are mild, with some rain. Spring-like days are also common with sun and 15-20 degrees.
Spring is beautiful and mostly sunny, though there usually are some rain-clouds passing in these months.
Summer is long, hot and dry and usually doesn't turn to autumn before November. 

And - the vans are fully insulated, so we've slept comfortably both in 3° and 30° celcius. 

What does the van run on?

All of them run on Diesel - Gasóleo in Portuguese.

What if I'm late when I return the van?

It's totally understandable, but we charge a fine for being late when you return the car:

15mins = €10

We’re very flexible in almost all ways - but if you're late, we can't provide the next guests with the service we want to. As a small and personal business, it is very important for us to give each guest the best possible experience and deliver our part of the deal in a timely manner.

We hope you understand :-)

If you need help planning your return and estimating the time you'll need to drive to our meeting point, we're more than happy to help out!

Cancellation policy

For full refund: cancellation must be made five full days prior local check in time (3:00 PM) on the day of check in. For example, if check-in is on Friday, cancel by the previous Sunday before check in time.

Cancellations made less than 5-2 days before check in will refund 50%.

Cancellations made less than 2 days (48 hours) before check in are non-refundable

Bookings made with a discount or as part of a promotion are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise before hand.

Who to contact?

Us! We’re only an email away!
So shoot if you have questions or simply want to get in touch!


+351 964 391 942

+351 964 391 951