VIVA A VIDA vans. Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal
Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal



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  • Capacity 
    2 adults + 1 child

  • Bed 
    Queen-size memory foam mattress - 200x120 cm
    Double duvet, sheets, covers and towels
    Attachable child bed - max length 130 cm

  • Kitchen
    Double gas stove
    Cool box
    Pots, pans, plates etc.
    Table + 2 chairs

  • Leisure-battery
    Lights + charge your phone/computer/camera

  • Camping shower 
    8 L capacity

  • Storage space

  • Beach umbrella (umbrella with attachable sides to create shade and wind-cover)

  • Insulation
    Keeps the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer

  • Stealthy outside appearance
    Just like in all our vans, there are no commercials or logos on Elia. So even when people see that it is a camper, they'll most likely think it’s your own.

This has a number of positive effects! First of you can park and sleep wherever you want! Rita simply looks like another van, so whether you park it by the beach or in the middle of a city, no one will know it's a campervan.

Another things is that you'll feel more like a local on a trip, which we hope will give you a much more authentic idea of Portugal and the #vanlife.

  • For families:

-       Children’s inflatable pool

-       Children’s bucket, shovel, watering can and other things to play in sand

-       Car seat for your child

Check out our Guide for van-adventures with a baby for tips to having a good time as a family