VIVA A VIDA vans. Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal
Surf van rental in Lisbon Portugal


About VIVA A VIDA. Lisa & Simon, the creators of VIVA A VIDA. Watch us talk about how van-travel changed us and read our vision

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Who are we?

Lisa and Simon, the creators of VIVA A VIDA

Welcome to our adventure!

It was an economics exam that brought us together 5 years ago, when our meeting over an excel-sheet turned out to be a surprisingly romantic occurrence.

We’ve been doing this epic couple-thing ever since, and when life suddenly called us forward we took a leap of faith and moved from our beloved Copenhagen to Lisbon.
Life then gracefully led us into the Portuguese wild in the Ford Transit, that we all now know as Bertha ...

The freedom in the simplicity changed us.
“Less is more” they say - we know what they mean.

We want to show YOU this as well.
These vans are designed for you, by us with love - so you can explore the breath-taking Portuguese nature - in ease and comfort.

We can’t wait to welcome you here in Portugal and send you on your trip.


Van-travel changed us;

Here's why




We want to facilitate spaces that inspire people to live their potential, spaces that encourages people to take a risk and go for the highest possible outcome - the one past all kinds of comfort zones. 

We believe that life is simple and is a precious thing that we are meant to live to the fullest.
Life however is easily made complicated! If we just do as we're told - what is expected of us - life is not simple at all.

We want to encourage people to dare to look past expectations and norms. To listen to the playfullness and passion lurking inside, ready to burst out as soon as we give the permission. 

This is what a van-trip can do for you - offer you a space of silence and simplicity, where it's easier to truly listen.

We live in a world of abundance. Many still persuade themselves that "the struggle is real" and that there is not enough to go around. The longer we believe in this shit - the longer we will experience it to be true. 

This right here is an invitation to get out of your routines - a chance to feel for your self how simple life truly can be.

It's not that we should all stop what we are doing and just cruise around in a van for good. 

However, experience has shown us that cruising around in a van - just for a little while - helps break routines and let go of the norm.

In these moment of clarity - magic occurs.

Then all you gotta do is to muster the courage and go for it.
That's when true adventure begins, and that’s what VIVA A VIDA is for us.